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Step 3 Comics was a joint effort between myself and my friend Eric Westmoreland. We used to work together, and we spent a lot of lunch hours hanging out, which turning into doing a web comic together. I did all the drawing and most of the writing. Most of the time it was him and I bouncing ideas off each other and then I would go home and work it out based on our conversations. Like all the other work on here, I think it's mixed results. We stopped because we had both moved on in our careers and now don't even work or live in the same city anymore. It was fun while it lasted, and I learned some stuff. We also would get comments sometimes like "you need to work on your punchlines" or "people are born funny and it cannot be learned" that was a great source of discouragement. I did really like collaborating. I regret that we only got a few of them done before we had to call it quits. The characters involved did not really get a chance to be expressed the way we saw them. The world moves on though, and the site you are reading is the next step for me (step 4?) The name Step 3 is a bit of an injoke and not all that interesting, but it was supposed to just be memorable without really illiciting a tone or expectation just based on the name.



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