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What can I say about Overload? Well, basically it was 12 weeks that I did a comic strip for the school paper in college. In terms of quality, they are pretty bad. What you see here are re-scans of the original art. I had added lettering and some effects and such with a computer at the time, but I don't know where those files are. It's probably better this way, because now you will not have to read the horrible jokes, just the horrible art (ha ha). Well, anyway, the jokes and topics were not great, and that's fine. I learned plenty by doing them, and it was just practice. In fact, it was an important kind of practice, because I think that doing comics for yourself and doing comics in front of other people are two different things. I cringe when I look at some of this stuff, and some of it isn't as bad as I had convinced myself it was. the first two are a different size because I thought that I could just do whatever I wanted and after the second one, the editor said "lets pick a size and go with it every time" so I did. See? I learned things. Oh, and the one about the registrar's office got an angry letter from one of the workers in that office. So that was a win. My first angry letter! Well, I guess this represents the bigging of my cartooning career. I have no where to go but up from here.



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