Gloves - 3

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This was done for the same anthology that never happened that I created "Hands Off" for. The story is kind of short and brutal, but that incident happened to me not too long before I worked on the comic, and being an animal lover, it affected me. The seagull depicted are all over our city, and they are a common sight. The one I found that day was injured beyond recovery, and so I put it out of its misery. The structure was that I wanted to do a story where my hands were the focus of every panel, since that matched the theme of the anthology. I decided to show that incident, because it was fairly interesting given the limitations of the structure I decided on. The first three pages are preliminary versions. Thumbnails I guess, but I made them pretty complete, and in some ways I like the thumbnails better. Anyway, I see now that this is not much of a "story" and probably not that interesting to read, but I do think that I was trying something cool with only focusing on the hands in each panel.



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