Empire - 5

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I did this piece to submit to š! #16 'Villages' published by Kuš, an anthology out of Latvia. It was not picked up, but I had fun making it anyway. The story had to be about a real village. So I chose a village in my home state of MI. I picked Empire, mostly because it is a cool name. I have been to Empire a couple of times, but didnt really have a story that I thought I could use. so instead I created a 10 page spread that connects side to side, and shows a physical continuum. I then made sure that there was some one in each of the 6 panels on each page (even if it was a squirrel), and gave them all dialogue that basically creates a prose poem when read in order. I then decided to do spot colors in the panels, instead of having borders. I just kind of went with colors that I thought looked cool together. The idea is that although its not a story, it depicts a village of sorts. You see a long stretch of land, and how it is filled with people and animals, just like a real village. Yeah, I know its kind of a mess. Call it a failed experiment. No wonder why it didn't get picked up.



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