Hello. I created this site to house the comics pages that I have been working on. I know some (or most of them) are pretty rough. That's fine. this site is for experimentation. I am trying to figure things out in terms of style, media, and storytelling. My basic method has lately comprised of going out and finding anthologies and zines and art contests, then trying my hardest to put something appropriate together and submit it. I think this helps me in a number of ways. It gives me a deadline, it allows me to promote my work (if it gets accepted) and it helps give me constraints to work within. Page size/count, BW or color, and tone of the book. I am having a great time working on these lately and I hope that the evolution of my skills starts to become apparent at some point. If you like any of this stuff, or hate it or have any other opinion, please feel free to comment, share, like, follow, whatever. I would love feedback, engagement of any kind. One last thing. Thank you for visiting.

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